Microbial biotechnology in the laboratory and practice. Theory, exercises and specialist laboratories - Jerzy Długoński

Microbial biotechnology in the laboratory and practice. Theory, exercises and specialist laboratories

Jerzy Długoński

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Wydawnictwo Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego
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Data wydania 1 stycznia 2021
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24,95 zł

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In addition to the issues constituting the basis of microbial biotechnology, such as microorganisms culturing or their use in industry and environmental protection, the book includes modern analytical techniques known as „omics”, as well as digital techniques used to record adverse changes in the environment those resulting from the harmful activity of bacteria and fungi. A color atlas (Chapter 8) with photos of the fungi discussed in each chapter was also inclued. The book was prepared with the use of many years of scientific and didactic experience of the authors who conduct classes in various fields and specializations of natural sciences. This resulted in the interdisciplinary nature of the publication. It will be useful not only for PhD students and students of biotechnology and microbiology, but also environmental protection, ecological biotechnology, urban revitalization, as well as all those interested in applying the latest achievements of these areas of science in practice.


Spis treści

Foreword (J. Długoński) / 11

Foreword to the handbook Microbiological Biotechnology. Exercises and specialist laboratories from 1997 (J. Długoński) / 15

1. Methods of screening, culturing, improvement and storage of microorganisms of industrial importance / 17

1.1. General characteristics of microorganisms used in biotechnological processes (J. Długoński) / 19

1.2. Screening of microorganisms useful in microbiological processes (J. Długoński, K. Lisowska, N. Wrońska, K. Zawadzka, A. Felczak) / 21

1.3. Methods of culturing and stabilisation of microorganisms under aerobic conditions (including bioreactors and immobilisation in gels) (J. Długoński, P. Bernat, K. Lisowska, S. Walisch) / 33

1.4. Microorganism culture in anaerobic conditions (M. Krupiński) / 47

1.5. Fungal protoplasts: release, properties and application (J. Długoński, K. Paraszkiewicz, M. Słaba, K Milczarek) / 53

1.6. Strain development – mutagenesis, fusion and electroporation of protoplasts (J. Długoński,

D. Wilmańska, S. Różalska, K. Lisowska, K. Milczarek) / 58

1.7. Storage of industrial strains (K. Zawadzka, N. Wrońska, S. Walisch, K. Milczarek, D. Wilmańska) / 74

Literature / 79

2. Fundamentals of modern analytical techniques used in microbial biotechnology and related sciences / 83

2.1. Confocal, fluorescent microscopy and spectrofluorimetry (S. Różalska) / 85

2.2. Isotopic techniques (radioactive isotopes) (J. Długoński, S. Różalska) / 93

2.3. Chromatography (R. Szewczyk) / 96

2.4. Mass spectrometry (R. Szewczyk) / 108

2.5. Atomic absorption spectroscopy (M. Słaba) / 119

2.6. Modern digital techniques used to record changes in the environment (A. Długoński) / 124

Literature / 133

3. Determining the taxonomic affiliation of microorganisms / 137

3.1. Genotypic techniques for differentiation and identification of bacteria (M. Krupiński) / 139

3.2. Fungi of the phyla Mucoromycota, Ascomycota and Basidiomycota – morphological, biochemical features and genetic analysis (M. Słaba, S. Różalska) / 156

3.3. Microbial biotyping by LC-MS/MS and MALDI-TOF/TOF methods (R. Szewczyk) / 175

Literature / 188

4. Industrial applications of microorganisms / 191

4.1. Biosynthesis processes (J. Długoński) / 193

4.2. Biotransformation processes (J. Długoński) / 277

Literature / 287

5. Microorganisms in environmental and human health protection / 295

5.1. Revitalisation of degraded urban green areas (A. Długoński) / 297

5.2. Microbiological analysis of polluted environments – Next generation sequencing (S. Różalska) / 310

5.3. Biological wastewater treatment processes / 317

5.4. Waste composting (A. Długoński, K. Lisowska) / 325

5.5. Use of municipal green waste for energy production in local biogas and incineration plants and the synthesis of fungal laccases (A. Długoński, A. Góralczyk-Bińkowska) / 330

5.6. Biodegradation of toxic xenobiotics (J. Długoński) / 335

5.7. Microbiological elimination of heavy metals from the environment (M. Słaba, J. Nykiel-Szymańska) / 362

5.8. Detoxification processes of polluted environments. Ecotoxicological tests (M. Krupiński) / 371

5.9. Use of industrial waste in microbiological biotechnology (K. Paraszkiewicz, A. Góralczyk-Bińkowska, A. Jasińska) / 377

5.10. Biodeterioration caused by fungi (S. Różalska, M. Słaba, A. Długoński) / 383

5.11. Characteristics and use of ligninolytic enzymes produced by fungi in environmental protection, industry and medicine (A. Jasińska, A. Góralczyk-Bińkowska, A. Długoński) / 391

5.12. Determination of antimicrobial properties of macromolecules (dendrimers) and newly synthesised silver compounds (A. Felczak, K. Zawadzka) / 398

5.13. Entomopathogenic fungi and their use in biocontrol (S. Różalska) / 403

5.14. Toxigenic fungi. Search for and identification of aflatoxins (K. Paraszkiewicz, M. Słaba, R. Szewczyk) / 407

Literature / 418

6. Omics in microbial biotechnology / 431

6.1. Proteomics in microbiological analysis of xenobiotics degradation (R. Szewczyk) / 433

6.2. Metabolomic analysis as a tool for multi-level characterisation of the biodegradation process (R. Szewczyk) / 446

6.3. Application of lipidomics in the study of detoxification processes in microorganisms (P. Bernat) / 452

6.4. Search for biomarkers in industry and medicine (R. Szewczyk) / 459

6.5. Quantitative analysis of pesticides – multimethods (R. Szewczyk) / 464

Literature / 470

7. Media, buffers (K. Milczarek, N. Wrońska, A. Felczak) / 473

7.1. Media / 475

7.2. Buffers / 494

Literature / 496

8. Macroscopic and microscopic images of fungal strains applied at the Department of Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology at the University of Łódź / 497

8.1. Photographs of fungi cultured under laboratory conditions (K. Milczarek, S. Różalska) / 499

8.2. Photographs of trees and wood infected by ligninolytic fungi (A. Długoński) / 530

Literature / 543

Authors / 545

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