KRONOS III/2014. Philosophical Journal - Opracowanie zbiorowe

KRONOS III/2014. Philosophical Journal

Opracowanie zbiorowe

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Wydawnictwo Fundacja Augusta hr. Cieszkowskiego
Data wydania luty 2015
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We are proud to present the latest, third issue of 'Kronos Philosophical Journal'. The issue comprises of excerpts from hitherto unpublished lectures by Leo Strauss on Aristotle, essays by American philosophers from Strauss' school of thought as well as Polish philosophers gathered around Kronos Journal. It also contains published for the very first time in English, pieces by Serio Quinzio on the end of Christianity.

Spis treści

Piotr Nowak, Editorial Introduction



Leo Strauss

Introduction to Political Philosophy: A Course Given in the Winter Quarter, 1965, in the Department of Political Science the University Of Chicago



Thomas Pangle

Xenophon on Whether Socratic Political Theorizing Corrupts the Young


Ewa Atanassow

Democracy and Education in Aristophanes’ Clouds: A Sketch


Gabriel Pihas

Dante’s Return to Greece: The Sophist and the Philosopher in The Inferno


Joseph C. Macfarland

Dante’s Temporal Monarchy as the Philosophers’ Counter-Coup d’État


Marek A. Cichocki

The Concept of the Political Whole in Light of the Current Crisis in the West: Carl Schmitt Revisited


Ivan Dimitrijević

The Taking of the Bastille: The Role and the Rule of the True Opinion


Paulina Sosnowska

Is Hannah Arendt a Modernist After All?


Andrzej Serafin

Apocalypse and Truth: On Heidegger’s Unknown God


Bartosz Kuźniarz

A Political Kind of Love: Terry Eagleton on Socialist Ethics


Andrzej Księżopolski

Surviving Post-history of Julian Barnes


Irena Księżopolska

The Mirror’s Underside: Vladimir Nabokov’s Autobiographical Fictions


Halszka Witkowska

Suicide of Body and Suicide of Soul: Two Faces of the Final Decision in Russian Experience


Arnold Toczyski

Babette’s Feast: Culinary Narrative as a Process of the Transformation of Meanings




Henryk Głębocki,Count Adam de Gurowski, 1805-1866


Count Adam de Gurowski

Manifest: Destiny of America and Russia, 1849-1866




Paulina Orłowska,Waiting for the Kingdom: The Life and Works of Sergio Quinzio


Sergio Quinzio

Justice and Mercy


Sergio Quinzio

The Birth of Political Realism from the Spirit of Eschatology: A Passage from Sergio Quinzio’s Early Reflections




Giuseppe Perconte Licatese

“An Attempt to Bridge the Abyss”: A Review of the Correspondence Between Sergio Quinzio and Guido Ceronetti


Marta Gibińska

Time, the Old and the Young, or Chaos Controlled

Piotr Nowak,The Child of War




An Atomizing Theatre

Within the Circle of Ancient Ideas and Virtues. Studies in Honour of Professor Dzielska







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