Cognition, Meaning and Action. Lodz-Lund Studies in Cognitive Science - Piotr Łukowski

Cognition, Meaning and Action. Lodz-Lund Studies in Cognitive Science

Piotr Łukowski

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Wydawnictwo Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego
ISBN 978-83-7969-760-1
Data wydania 2015
Język: Angielski
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21,96 zł

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The goal of contemporary cognitive science is not primarily to build a thinking machine, but to increase our understanding of cognitive processes. This can be done by various methods, including traditional psychological experiments, observations of authentic cognitive processes in practical action, or by simulating cognition in robots or programs. Unlike the early days of AI when it was believed that one single methodology, that of symbolic representation, could solve all cognitive problems, the current trend is to work with several forms of representations and data. The publication is the result of a collaboration between the Department of Cognitive Science at University of Lodz and the Department of Cognitive Science at Lund University. It is intended to provide a comprehensive presentation of the key research issues undertaken in both Departments, including considerations on meaning, natural language and reasoning, linguistic as well as numerical competence, the theory of decision making, modelling of conceptual representations, cognitive and game theoretic approach to social interactions. The book is addressed to all readers interested in cognitive science, and especially in research combining a logical analysis with psychological, linguistic and neurobiological approaches.

Spis treści

The crossroads of cognitive science (Peter Gärdenfors, Piotr Łukowski) 7

Peter Gärdenfors, Cognitive science: From computers to ant hills as models of human thought 11

Piotr Łukowski, Two procedures expanding a linguistic competence 31

Konrad Rudnicki, Neurobiological basis for emergence of notions 51

Frank Zenker, Similarity as distance: Three models for scientific conceptual know ledge 63

Aleksander Gemel, Paula Quinon, The Approximate Numbers System and the treat ment of vagueness in conceptual spaces 87

Peter Gärdenfors, Jana Holsanova, Communication, cognition, and technology 109

Jana Holsanova, Roger Johansson, Kenneth Holmqvist, To tell and to show: The in terplay of language and visualizations in communication 123

Aleksander Gemel, Bartosz Żukowski, Semiotics, signaling games and meaning 137

Dorota Rybarkiewicz, Out of the box thinking 153

Annika Wallin, The everyday of decision­making 169

Magdalena Grothe, Bartosz Żukowski, Short­ and long­term social interactions from the game theoretical perspective: A cognitive approach 181

Notes about Authors  193

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