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The Mystery of Sgt Adela White - Marcin Brzostowski

The Mystery of Sgt Adela White

Wydawnictwo: E-bookowo
ISBN: 978-83-7859-580-9
Język: Angielski
Data wydania: października 2015
Liczba stron: 31
Rozmiar pliku: 209,8 KB
Zabezpieczenie: Znak wodny
Nasza cena: 3,99 zł
Wybrany format: Ebook  - Marcin Brzostowski w formacie PDF Pozostałe formaty:

The Mystery of Sgt Adela White is a short story whose protagonist, inspector Franco Fog, known from The Vengeance of Women and Hot Dagger of the Spanish Temptress, faces the challenge of solving the riddle of a theft of a priceless diamond ring – the main prize in the Miss Police Contest. However, when the problem finally seems to be solved, some new trials and tribulations occur. Let’s see how the meeting with a desperate female sergeant will end for Franco Fog.