The Auschwitz Photographer - Anna Dobrowolska, Anna Samborska

The Auschwitz Photographer

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This book paints the most comprehensive picture of life inside Auschwitz published to date. It tells the story of Wilhelm Brasse, who spent 5 years in the camp as a prisoner-photographer and was a unique witness to the Auschwitz reality. He took pictures of the inmates, made private portraits of  his SS masters and documented the medical experiments of Doctor Mengele.

Brasse’s experience has been the subject of a celebrated documentary “The Portraitist.” This book, in addition to recounting his personal narrative , explores many lesser-known aspects of daily life in the camp such as the orchestra, sports events and even a brothel. It is amply illustrated with 300 photographs, some published for the first time, and supplemented with accounts of other inmates as well as historical commentary.

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Żywiec - My Town

Photography - Beginnings


Auschwitz - Beginnings

„Arbeit macht frei”

A Good Kommando Was Essential


Mug Shots

Photographic Portraits of Germans

Penal Company

Kommando Zeppelin

Photographs of Priests


Pictures of „Exhibits” and Strange Cases

Photographs for Mengele and Other Doctors

Photographs of „Guinea Pigs”

Photographs of Experiments on Men

Photographs of Women

Photographs of Children

Special Photographs - the Ramp, the Gas Chambers and the Crematorium

Illegal Photographs

Photographs Used in Forging Bank Notes

Photographs of Prisoners’ Art

Photographs of the Orchestra

Helping Other Prisoners

Camp Life


Camp Values

Love in the Camp

True Love

Wedding in Auschwitz

Postcard Photographs

Saving the Photographs


End of Photogaphy


Auschwitz Chronology

Prisoner Badges

SS Ranks

Biographies of Prisoners

Biographies of the SS Staff


List of Illustrations