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Love and fashion - Angela Barther

Love and fashion

Wydawnictwo: E-bookowo
ISBN: 978-83-7859-404-8
Język: Angielski
Data wydania: października 2014
Liczba stron: 29
Rozmiar pliku: 5,5 MB
Zabezpieczenie: Znak wodny
Nasza cena: 4,00 zł
Wybrany format: Ebook  - Angela Barther w formacie MOBI Pozostałe formaty:

Kate works in a successful company as a fashion designer. She has been dating Brian for quite a while now yet suddenly she notices Steve, her colleague from work. Is true love possible in the world of show-business? Will she find the one and who is going to satisfy her desire for passion in the end? Some say that if you strongly believe, anything can happen.

Angela Barther was born in 1984 in Kiev, Ukraine. In 1993 her family moved to Poland and then to Croatia, where she’s been living since then. She is a happy mother and wife. She runs a guesthouse on the coast of Croatia. Her passion is travelling, writing and photography. She often visits her grandparents in Poland.