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The Most Important Thing in Life - L.M. Book

The Most Important Thing in Life

Wydawnictwo: Logos Media
ISBN: 978-83-63837-68-6
Język: Polski
Data wydania: 1 lipca 2014
Liczba stron: 17
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Every one of us has a lot of things on our mind. Urgent tasks and important responsibilities practically never end. We lack time for rest, for reflecting on life, and even for sickness. And yet, one event – for example, a physician’s dreadful diagnosis – can turn our present value system completely upside down. Things which previously seemed so important, suddenly don’t matter anymore. So what is really important?

The authors turn to the Bible and present the life-changing answer.

Caution: This ebook could change your life.

Spis treści

Some clues

Our problem

Why does it matter?

Righteousness and love

God’s pardon


Be converted

Believe in Jesus


What happened?

How to live?