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Consumer Behavior on International Market - Sławomir Smyczek

Consumer Behavior on International Market

Wydawnictwo: Placet
ISBN: 978-83-7488-044-2
Język: Angielski
Data wydania: 2012
Liczba stron: 274
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Overall, author’s intention is to combine the latest theoretical concepts with up-to-date examples of consumer behavior from different markets and cultures. To create the book useful for students studding at International Business, Psychological Economy, as well Marketing and Management courses were added tasks for individual and group solved in activity table. The book does not cover all the important problems and issues of consumption and consumer behavior on the international market. It allows, however, prepare them as full identification, presenting the importance and role that consumers on contemporary global market.

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PART I. Consumer and international market

Chapter 1. Consumer and decisions-making process on market

Chapter 2 . Consumer segmentations on international market process and criteria

Chapter 3. Consumer on international market

PART II. Consumer behavior research on international market

Chapter 4. Process of consumer behavior research

Chapter 5. Secondary dates about consumer and their behaviors

Chapter 6. Primary data – methods of research and sampling

PART III. Determinant of consumer behavior on international market

Chapter 7. Economic determinants

Chapter 8. Cultural influences on consumer behavior

Chapter 9. Social and demographic determinants

Chapter 10. Psychological determinants

PART IV. Consumer behavior application in international market

Chapter 11. Consumer loyalty and dissonance

Chapter 12. Consumer protection on international market


Chapter 13. Future consumer – changes and forecasting