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Cinderella (Kopciuszek) English version - Charles Perrault

Cinderella (Kopciuszek) English version

Wydawnictwo: Siedmioróg
ISBN: 978-1-62321-007-6
Język: Polski
Data wydania: 1 lipca 2012
Liczba stron: 21
Rozmiar pliku: 5,3 MB
Zabezpieczenie: Znak wodny
Nasza cena:
7,99 zł

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When her mother dies, Cinderella’s father remarries and now she lives with her new family; her father, new mother and two new wicked sisters. They are mean and unkind to Cinderella and she is treated no better than a house servant, cooking and cleaning for everyone else.

One day the two sisters are invited to a great ball to be given by the king and queen. Cinderella is unfortunately excluded.

Sitting sad and alone at home, she is visited by a great fairy! Her fairy godmother magically transforms Cinderella into a beautiful princess-like figure. She shall go to the ball!

At the ball Cinderella is the talk of the palace, admired for her beauty and grace. Alas, as midnight approaches, she must heed the fairy’s warning and return home, but not before the king and queen have invited her to another ball the following night!

Again, she is the talk of the palace and soon she and the prince are quite in love! So much so that she quite forgets the time and rushes to leave before the clock strikes midnight. But in her haste she loses one of her glass slippers.

The prince is desperate the track her down, but only has her glass slipper!

But, the story doesn’t end here. Will Cinderella and her prince be reunited or will the evils sisters succeed in their meddling? The Cinderella tale has enchanted generations of children and is a classic tale of the tussle between good and evil.

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